Tropical Peach

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For use in  Bath salts, candles, cold processed soap, cosmetics except for lip balm, melt and pour soap and Potpourri.  Not recommended for Lips.  Peach Tropical will transport you to a warm climate, with its peach blossom fragrance tinged with a bit of tropical undertones.  Works well in soap, does not accelerate trace, nor discolours soap.

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30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L

Catagory 1 – Lip Products of all types – 0%
Catagory 2– Deodorant and antiperspirant products of all types –  3.01%
Catagory 3 – Products applied to the face/body using fingertips  Including eye products of all kind, facial make-up/remover, nose pore strips, face,neck, refreshing wipes, body and face paint and facial masks– 2.46%
Catagory 4 – Hydroalcoholic and non-hydroalcoholic fine fragrance of all types – 12.5%
Catagory 5 (5A) –  Products applied to the body using palms ( leave on products) – 4.62 %
Catagory 5 (5B) – Facial toner, Facial moisturizers and creams  – 1.23%
Catagory 5 (5C) – Hand cream and Nail care products – 2.46%
Catagory 5 (5D) – Baby cream/lotion/oil – 0.41%
Catagory 6 – Toothpaste/powders, Mouthwash, including breath sprays 0.00%
Catagory 7 (7A) – Hair permanent or other hair chemical treatments (rinse-  off) (e.g. relaxers), including rinse-off hair dyes – 4.10%
Catagory 7 (7B) – Leave-on products applied to the hair with some hand contact – 4.10%
Catagory 8 – Intimate wipes Tampons, Baby wipes, Toilet paper (wet) – 0.41%
Catagory 9 – Rinse off products soap, body wash etc..  – 12.50%
Category 10A  –  Household care products with mostly hand contact – 12.5%
Category 10B – Household care products with mostly hand contact (including household aerosol/spray products with potential leave-on skin contact)  – 12.5%
Category 11A –  Feminine hygiene conventional pads,liners, interlabial  pads, Diapers (baby and adult), Adult incontinence pant, pad Toilet paper (dry) – 1.27%
Category 11B –   Tights with moisturizers Scented socks, gloves Facial  tissues (dry tissues) Napkins Paper towels Wheat bags Facial masks (paper/protective) e.g. surgical masks not used as medical device Fertilizers, solid  (pellet or powder) – 0.41%
Category 12 –  Air care products not intended for direct skin contact, minimal or insignificant transfer to skin –  Not Restricted


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